Dobbs Ferry Trivia


Dobbs Ferry in Books
Book Name
Forty-Thirty June J. McInerney
2014 Set in Dobbs Ferry in the late 1960s
Mercy College: Yesterday and Today Eric Martone and Michael Perrota 2013 History
Fever: A Novel Mary Beth Keane 2013 Dobbs Ferry is the setting for part of the story, which is about Typhoid Mary.
Dobbs Ferry (Then & Now) Judith Doolin Spikes and Anne Marie Leone 2012 History
Today's a Yellow Day James Roth 2012 Set in Dobbs Ferry
George Washington's Westchester Gamble: The Encampment on the Hudson and the Trapping of Cornwallis Richard Borkow 2011 History
Life Keith Richards 2010 Brief but historic mention of Dobbs Ferry
George Washington at "Head Quarters, Dobbs Ferry": July 4 to August 19, 1781 Mary Sudman Donovan 2009 History
Profiles of Dobbs Ferry Sr. Mary Agnes Parrell, R.S.M. 1976 History
Life of a River Village: Dobbs Ferry, a Centennial Publication William J. Blanck (ed.) 1974 History
Backyard Safari
Thunder and Lightening
plus others
John and Cathleen Polgreen 1963-1971 Numerous books by the Polgreens were set in Dobbs Ferry.
121 Pudding Street Jean Fritz 1955 The story of young children growing up in JF's neighborhood. References to some parts of DF and the characters are written about the neighborhood kids.
An American Schoolmistress: The Life of Eliza B. Masters Marion Brown Shelton 1927 Biography
Doris of Dobbs Ferry Carolyn Wells 1917 Read the entire book for free here
History of Westchester County New York: Vol. II J. Thomas Scharf 1886 History

Dobbs Ferry in TV Shows
Show Name
Divorce 2017 HBO show with Sarah Jessica Parker. Filmed walking up Main Street.
The Affair 2015 Showtime series. Filmed inside a local business on Cedar Street, along Elm Street, Harper's Restaurant on Main Street, along Main Street, at the Upholstery Shop and on Chestnut Street in front of The Cookery.
The Leftovers 2014 Exteriors were filmed on Cedar Street.
Buddy's Bakery Rescue 2014 Food Network episode about Lidia's Bakeshop.
Person of Interest 2014 Episode named "Most Likely to...".
Mad Men 2014 In one episode, a women says "She has opened an office on Palisades Street in Dobbs Ferry".
Twisted 2013-2014 A lot of scenes filmed around DFHS
Castle 2010 Season 2/Episode 17 "Tick, Tick, Tick...". The murder victim, who is found at Grand Central Station, is identified as being from Dobbs Ferry.
Law & Order Many years Various episodes
One was filmed on Belden Avenue at the Gronansader house
The Electric Grandmother 1982 Filmed on Clinton Avenue
Oh, Boy! Babies! 1982 NBC Special Treat, Season 7, Episode 1
Filmed in the middle school and included DF students.
Shamus 1973 Burt Reynolds jumped over a stone wall on Clinton Avenue, just south of Braeside Lane.
Candid Camera Late 1960s Interviewed students about their fathers, then showed the film to the father and filmed their comments (with their knowledge).


Dobbs Ferry in Movies
Show Name
The Dinner 2017 Starring Richard Gere. Filmed January, 2016 on Cedar Street.
The Girl on the Train 2016 See the trailer here. Filmed in Dobbs Ferry, Hastings and Irvington. Dobbs Ferry locations included Pilates and More studio, plus Harper's Restaurant & Bar.
Why Stop Now? 2012 DFHS auditorium, foyer and outdoor scenes are featured prominently in the movie. Many scenes were also filmed in Sleepy Hollow.

See the HS auditorium and some outdoor scenes in the trailer
Predisposed 2008 Short film that got remade as a feature film called Why Stop Now?. Not sure if this short was filmed in Dobbs Ferry, also.
Lord of War 2005 Filmed interiors at Masters School
Unfaithful 2002 Starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane
Company Man 2000 Starring Douglas McGrath and Sigourney Weaver
Stepmom 1998 Starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon
Falling in Love 1984 Starring Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro. Scenes at the train station.
Tootsie 1982 Has a scene announcing "Dobbs Ferry next stop" when Duston Hoffman is on the train going upstate.
you get no bread with a meatball About 1971 Filmed at Dick's Cabin restaurant
Splendor in the Grass 1961 Starring Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty. Scenes of DFHS about halfway through the film.


Dobbs Ferry in Commercials
Show Name
Oreo Big Stuf cookie 2013 Watch it here
Hershey's Syrup Late 1980s Messy Marvin. Watch it here
Folger's Coffee Christmas commercial 1982 Fimed at 79 N. Mountain Drive. Watch it here
Dr. Pepper or A&W Early 1980s Filmed at the high school
Mop 'N Glo 1970s Filmed at the high school
Campbell Soup, Geritol, Niagara Light & Power and others Early to mid 1960s Filmed at 51 Beechdale Road


Dobbs Ferry in Other Shows
Show Name
Show Type
NY World's Fair
Socony Mobil Pavilion
Video for simulated
driving test
1964-1965 A TV screen on the driving test showed a movie of a road. In one of the movies, the test road ran from Villard Hill near Hastings up to the intersection of Judson, Appleton and Clinton in Dobbs Ferry.