Famous Residents
of Dobbs Ferry


Rex Beach Novelist, playwright, Olympic water polo player
Lisa Belkin Novelist
Jon Carroll  
Sidney Carroll Film and TV screenwriter
George Delmerico Art Director of The Village Voice
Rudolph Flesch Wrote Art of Readable Writing
Jean Fritz Childrens history books
Gary Golio Childrens books on Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan
William Leuchtenburg History, specializng in FDR
Hubert Luckett Editor-in-Chief, Popular Science Monthly
June J. McInerney Novelist
William Pisani Novelist
Robyn Ross Journalist
James Roth Novelist
Al Wall Newsweek writer
Feenie Ziner Book writer, particularly childrens books


Visual Artists
John Alcorn Illustrator, designed the 1987 Love stamp
Janice Candela Artist/illustrator
Ray and Carol Favata Artists/animators
Peter Freed Celebrity photographer
Chris Ishii Artist/animator
Ken Lavey  
Kevin McKenna  
Genevieve Naylor Fashion photographer, married to Misha Reznikoff
Jon Nielsen Artist/illustrator
Irving Novick Comic book artist
Misha Reznikoff Painter, married to Genevieve Naylor
Charles Sheeler Painter and commercial photographer
Ben Weiner Contemporary artist
Zeke Ziner Fine art and commercial art


Jane Alexander  
Alan Bolke Voice actor for cartoons, brother of Bradley Bolke
Bradley Bolke Voice actor, notably Chumley in Tennessee Tuxedo and the Ghostly Trio on Caspar the Friendly Ghost
Andrea Collyer Theater actor. Also a classical music radio announcer.
Mark Cassella  
John Cotton  
Augusta Dabney Married to Kevin McCarthy
Nameer El-Kadi Quest for Fire, now Nicholas Kadi, identical twins with Naseer
Naseer El-Kadi Quest for Fire
Maurice Evans  
Paul Fix Film and television character actor
Peter Freed Photographer of celebrities
Max Greenfield  
Joel Higgins Starred in Silver Spoons
Arthur Hill  
Samantha Ivers  
Charles Kimbrough "Jim Dial" on Murphy Brown TV show
Kevin McCarthy Married to Augusta Dabney
Becky and Jesse O'Donohue Contestants on Fear Factor and American Idol, also played roles in the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Sarah Jessica Parker  
Peter Reznikoff  
Mary Kay and Johnny Stearns Actors in first ever TV sitcom, "Mary Kay and Johnny" on the Dumont network


LaMar Alsop Violinist, concertmaster of the NYC Ballet Orchestra, married to Ruth Alsop
Marin Alsop Music director for Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, daughter of LaMar and Ruth Alsop
Ruth Alsop Cellist for NYC Ballet Orchestra, married to LaMar Alsop
Gabriel Banat Violinist
Beverly Bremers Singer/actor
Mike Reznikoff Jazz drummer, based in Japan
Earl Simmons "DMX" Rapper, grew up in Children's Village
Jai Winding Pianist for Madonna and others, son of Kai Winding
Kai Winding Jazz trombonist


Erich Barnes NFL player
Mark Blount NBA player
New York Giants baseball team During the 1950s, many players and managers rented homes in Dobbs Ferry for the season, including Whitey Lockman, Alvin Dark, Herman Franks, Sal Yvers, Dusty Rhodes, Hoyt Wilhelm, Davey Williams, Monte Irvin, Jim Hearn, Willy Mays, Whitey Ford and John McSherry (umpire).
David Jennings Football, NY Giants and Jets
Dr. Sab Koide Oldest runner of New York City marathon


Other Show Business
Jace Alexander Producer/director of Law & Order, son of Jane Alexander
Tom Buchanan Sound engineer for Ed Sullivan Show
John Culhane Disney Animation Historian
Megan Fairchild NYC Ballet principal dancer, married to Andrew Veyette
Paul Golio World record in ventriloquism
Allen Ludden Game show host, such as Password
Lillah McCarthy Producer
Stone Phillips Former co-anchor of Dateline NBC
Amy Stofsky Costumer, Rat Pack and other
Tom Szentgyorgyi Executive producer of "The Mentalist" TV show
Michael Todd, Jr. Director/producer
Andrew Veyette NYC Ballet principal dancer, married to Megan Fairchild
Meredith Viera Show host
John Waryha Cameraman on Good Morning America


Dominic Altieri Architect who designed Our Lady of Pompeii church and other buildings in DF
Charles Loring Brace Founder of Children's Aid Society, pioneer of the Orphan Trains, abolitionist, early social worker, founder of News Boys Lodging Houses, and many other institutions for the poor. Author of several books. Traveling companion of Frederick Law Olmstead
Eva Ingersoll Brown Founder and president of the International Child Welfare League, charter member of the League to Enforce Peace, organizer for the Hudson River Equal Franchise Association and marched in the first sufferage parade. Organized the first permanent orchestra in New York City. Cared for soldiers during two wars. Click here for more information.
William C. Conner Federal judge for the US District Court
Robert Cunningham Former police officer, inspiration for the movie It Could Happen To You
Henry Draper Pioneer of astronomical photography
Max Greenfield Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Today Show
Robert Ingersol Famed orator in the 1800s
Randy Jurgensen NYPD retired homicide detective, actor, producer, author
Sy Miller Architect
Adam J. Rumoshosky First Lady's Committee for a More Beautiful Capital (Lady Bird Johnson)
Hyman I. Shakin Placed first American Flag in Algiers during initial WWII North African Invasion
Major Orlando Jay Smith Founder of American Press Association
Fanny Villard Important leader in the women's suffrage movement
Henry Villard Civil War correspondent, friend of Lincoln, railroad entrepreneur, Edison's main venture capitalist
Oswald Villard Prinicipal founder and champion of the NAACP
George Washington First president of the United States
Isabella Niven Wilder Mother of Thornton Wilder (playwright for Our Town). Daughter of Rev. Thornton Niven, pastor of South Presbyterian Church.
Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook, lived in DF but attended Ardsley schools
Randi Zuckerberg Marketing director at Facebook