1945 Varsity

Front row - Bill Graney, Mike Golio, Joe DiGuglielmo
Back row - Pat Schiavo, boy, boy, boy


1959 Varsity

Front row - #22 Joe Belarge, #10 Babe Grande, #12 Dickie Sansavera, #14 George Graham
Back row - Pete Lucie, Frank "Hooker" Coffee



Two players from each team in the league, including Dobbs Ferry, Henry Hudson, Croton, Irvington, Elmsford and Ardsley. DFHS participants are Bob Higgins (front row holding the ball) and to the right of him is Ned Jones (son of Coach Jones).


1964 Varsity

Front row - Gino Gelardi 53, Charlie Lester 24, Tom Campana 20, Larry Monteleone 22, Don Marra 14, Mike Brundin 12, Robby Robbins 21
Back row - Coach Kohl, Eliott Wilk 25, Robert Kazian 15, Joe D'Ambrosio 43, Jimmy Graham 23, Stew Baltimore 40, Ned Bergman 32, John O'Reilly 30